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We absolutely adore sissies, crossdressers, and all those ready to embrace their inner femme. We specialize in the many intricacies of feminization, sissy training, makeovers, mentoring and all things feminine. We will inspire you to truly let go and give in to your secret feminine desires. We will engage you in the genuine intimate and sensual experiences of being a woman.




We absolutely adore sissies, crossdressers,  and all those ready to embrace their inner femme. We specialize in the many intricacies of feminization, sissy training, makeovers, mentoring and all things feminine. We will inspire you to truly let go and give in to your secret feminine desires. We will engage you in the genuine and sensual experiences of being a woman.


How do you envision your feminine journey? Are you a sissy slut eager to be used or a sissy maid longing to be domestically trained. Do you dream of becoming a glamorous beauty queen, adorned in a stunning gown or would you rather unleash your slutty side with something a little skimpier? We will completely transform you from your luscious locks all the way down to your sexy heels. Our luxurious collection of clothes, wigs, heels, makeup and more, will ensure that you are always dressed to impress. Of course we would love to have a glimpse of the naughty things from your personal collection as well, or even help you shop for some special new items to add to your secret wardrobe.


It’s time to shed your manhood. Whether out of simple curiosity or a deep desire to become a woman, you will leave every trace of masculinity behind. We can provide tender guidance as you explore your gender identity or strict discipline to shape you into the best version of yourself.


We are also passionate about helping couples on this journey. It brings us such joy to see a woman supporting her man’s desire to explore his feminine fantasies, such as role reversal, chastity, crossdressing, and even bi-curiosities. You will grow and develop together as a couple through our encouragement and guidance.


The environment we provide for your training and development as a sissy, trans woman, crossdresser, or whatever feminine expression you desire, is safe, comfortable and nurturing. Throughout the entire process we use a firm yet gentle approach to unlocking the woman deep within you. We take pleasure in setting your feminine essence free and molding it into something spectacular. 

You will bask in the sensuous bliss of femininity as we bring to life your deepest fantasies. We can hear that voice deep within you, your inner femme begging to be free. We are here to answer that call and help you to finally feel whole.



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“Mistress Ayn shows her softer side by initiating and following through with my sissy transformation. From the moment I walked in the door Mistress Ayn began the transformation by stripping me of all male clothing. As I kneeled before Mistress Ayn and was allowed to worship her, she began to explain that I was no longer in the position to make decisions and I was now her property to do with as she desired. She sent chills through my body  . . . “
“The session gravitated to the medical room where I was strapped down to an examination table. This is when I first heard the sound of her skin thin rubber gloves. She whispered to me that I soon will understand what will definitely always happen when I hear the sound of her gloves . . .”
“Back to the examination table I went for make up which Mistress applied with care. While all of this was going on Mistress Ayn continued to tease me with the suggestions of how I was going to make a pretty girl who would soon be sucking cock and having their sissy ass filled. She meant it too . . . “
“The session moved in to the dungeon where I was dressed in beautiful stockings, garter belt, a silky top, a wig and high heels. I then modeled and walked around for Mistress Ayn while she continued to suggest that a slut like me needed to be put to good use and of course it was too late for me to decide otherwise. There was a little light spanking as a tease; however, Mistress Ayn did this just so I was sure who was in charge. She listened to my voice and body and made me feel safe and thoroughly aroused!”
“I lost track of time before too long and my head was spinning until the next day from the intensity and carefully orchestrated sissy session that Mistress Ayn provided. I am very afraid of any pain and Mistress Ayn took very good care of me. We have had a second 4 hour session and I give 100 Percent trust to Mistress Ayn that she will and has taken exceptional care of me. The professionalism that Mistress Ayn demonstrates is what I have been looking for. Our journey will continue with some shopping and night club outings and . . . “
“Mistress Ayn is leading me down the safe path to happiness with her care, professionalism and understanding. She is a dream come true. I love what she does for me.” –  sissy crissy

sissy crissy

Triple threat: That became the popular name for our group session at the Atlanta Dungeon with Mistress Ayn, Goddess Samantha and Mistress Ultra Violet. These three Ladies are formidable as individuals but collectively Their skill and experience would be devastating to any group. The week before our group session each of us was given an individual assignment based on our likes and limits.My initial assignment was to be placed in chastity for the week prior to the session. I was to provide photographic proof of compliance. It was also stipulated that I remain in chastity until Mistress Ayn removed my chastity cage during the session.

As the week progressed, each of us were required to watch at least one video from Aynrules.com and then report which video I had watched that day openly on Twitter. I provided photographic proof as I watched the videos. Later in the week I was ordered to place clothes pins on my nipples, cock and balls again sending photographic proof that I had done so. Of course, I was to remain in chastity during these additional assignments. These instructions, if followed in the spirit of obedience, increased the anticipation substantially.

The "big day" arrived and we reported to the Dungeon and after receiving permission to enter, we greeted the Mistresses properly and with flowers. We were ordered to strip.We were cuffed and lined up for inspection. So we would all be on the same page, a list of our likes and limits were taped to our foreheads. Each Mistress read aloud these likes and limits and mad comments about each sub.

Mistress Ayn led me by my chastity cage into the new "sissy" room which surprised me because I had never shown any interest in "sissy" activities. The decor was perfect in style and colors with all the appropriate accessories. OK, so what was in store for me? I was stretched out on top of a cage then secured hand and foot. Mistress Ayn placed ear buds and a hood over my head and a hypno tape began playing. Fingers slid over my my body. teasing nipples, arms and legs as She likes to do. Cage was removed and balls tied off. An electro device was attached to my balls then the Venus 2000 was put in place. Mistress loves nipple clamps so on they went. Electricity surged through my cock and balls while the Venus began sucking. I could barely hear footsteps entering and leaving the room so I could only guess who was with me at any particular time. AS the tape ended so did the electro and the suction. Just in time too as I would have broken the rules otherwise. The hood and earbuds were removed along with the nipple clamps and I was looking at the smiling (read as smirking) face of Goddess Samantha. She joined me on top of the table saying that it was time for me to be smothered. Smother me She did; first in a cowgirl position and then a reverse cowgirl position while teasing various body parts. By this time some of the detail began to blur but I definitely remember having my nipples teased, pinched, stretched and rolled between Her fingers.

I was then led to a spanking bench to receive punishment for being "a naughty boy" when She smothered me. Using various paddles, and especially the red, white, and blue patriotic paddle I made for Her, Goddess wore my butt out until it was Her preferred color - RED! AN inflamed butt preceding a strap-on pegging give a sub pause!. Those little metal spikes on the harness left a unique pattern on my butt. After getting Her fill of my ass, Goddess had me stand and catch my breath. Somewhere from within me I heard myself asking for the cane. Goddess eagerly gave me 20+ strokes and had me count each one out loud.

Now to the part I didn't expect. "Stand in front of this mirror", She said, while I pick out something for you to wear. Goddess picked out a bikini outfit and I am required to put it on just as Mistress Ultra Violet walks into the room with a blond, long-haired wig. Mistress UV places it on my head and cf course some comments were made about how beautiful I was. NOT! OK, I've made it this far so I obey and Mistress UV takes over the session by placing a ball crusher on my balls, tightening it until I'm standing on my toes. More teasing, pinching and stretching of my nipples then I was told to follow Mistress into the medical room where She had something special for me.

Still dressed in my bikini and wig, I followed Her into the next room. Ever tried to walk with a ball crusher between your legs? I managed to get up on the medical table only to be strapped down securely with my feet in the stirrups. Now we are getting serious. Mistress uncovers several sounds and some lube. She proceeds to lube up a small one and insert it in my cock. In, out, in, out, then a larger one; in, out, in, out; then a larger one. Tuning forks and a Hitachi wand completed my cock and ball torture. So far so good, I thought. I'm hanging in there with no thought of using my safe word.

Changing gloves, Mistress leans over and with a beautiful smile and giggle, She pulls my bikini bra to each side and sprays my nipples with alcohol. Oh crap, it's time for the needles I wanted to experience. Mistress opened the first needle and showed it to me. It looked like a 10d nail, gleaming in the overhead light. Is She really going to push THAT through my nipple? When She grabbed my nipple and stretched it out, I felt the first prick of the needle and knew the answer to my question was, "Yes, dummy, She is and did. When the first one went through, I commented, "So that's what it feels like." Nothing like an injection at the doctor's office. Six needles later, three on the left and four on the right, I noticed a delicious sensation in both nipples. Mistress played with the needles for a few minutes, then began removing them which was an entirely different sensation.

Since the doors to each room were open, we could hear each others groans, squeals and of course the paddles hitting their marks. We did not know who was where but it was obvious the Mistresses were having fun. Al too soon, the session was over and we all assembled in the main room. Yes, I was still dressed in my bikini and wig outfit, much to the amusement of the others.

Would I undertake a similar session again? Absolutely, without question! As I bravely stated a day or so before the session, "Bring it on, Ladies." They certainly did. (I should say that I have Goddess Samantha's permission to include Her in the collective title "Mistress(es) to simplify writing this review.)

I had a session recently with Mistress Ayn and I wanted to tell you how mind-blowing it was.
I hadn't seen Mistress Ayn in a year and I was a little nervous. After a warm greeting and a moment to prepare, she directed me to the exam bed and had me my place my feet in the stirrups. With Her permission, I arrived in chastity, so Mistress simply ignored my trapped, useless clitty. Mistress asked me how long it had been since Her sissy had been penetrated, and, sad to say, it had been awhile. So Mistress inserted a dilator to get me ready for what She had in mind. A dilator is like a butt plug, but it has no "neck" to narrow its width. The idea was to stretch my sissy pussy. Mistress told me to hold it in while she stepped away for a moment, but I led it slide out. When She saw what had happened, she spit in my face and slapped me, a moment of degradation that got me in the proper frame of mind for the rest of our session. Minutes later, Mistress replaced the dilator with one that delivered an electric pulse to my sensitive opening, and that really got my attention.she placed suction cups on my nipples to increase the blood flow and sensitivity. Then She removed her gorgeous black leather shoe and placed it over my nose and mouth, her delicious scent, and Her powerful pheromones, flooding my brain as the electricity continued to shock my sissy pussy.
Mistress unlocked my chastity cage and ordered me to the cross, where she bound my arms and legs and tied a string around my balls. Then She attached a bucket to my balls and slowly filled it with water, the weight gradually pulling them down. Then Mistress grabbed a flogger and went to work on my back, delivering stinging blow after blow as the water bucket swung and tortured my balls.
Foot worshipping was next. I keeled at her feet and kissed and licked Her shoes, feet, and legs, heaven for a foot-loving sissy slit like myself. Mistress then had me lie on my back while She smothered my face with her warm, fragrant feet.
Mistress then had me sit up while She spoke with me about my future. She noticed my tiny, flaccid cock and told me that the long-term chastity she required of me would make my thing atrophy and shrink, so it would be nothing more than a cult. We discussed female hormones, which within weeks would ensure I would never have an erection again.
Soon Mistress was ready for Her finale. She put me in a swing, facing up with my hands ands legs bound. On my cock She placed a device that gently contracted every few seconds, but not enough to get me off. Then She showed me Het newest toy, a large flesh-coloured strap on I will probably never forget. It hurt at first, and I whispered. But soon I had adjusted, and She eased it in and out. When it was in deeply, she pressed against me and I could feel the stretchy softness of her body suit. Seconds later, Her assault had the intended effect, and I came in a wonderful explosion. She said it is the best kind of orgasm, to come from being fucked like that, while looking up into her stunningly beautiful face.
Mistress had warned me that I might not come, and that if I did I would have to something for Her. Then She removed my condom, emptied its content into my mouth, and smiled as I swirled it around my mouth and swallowed it.
Mistress Ayn is amazing. I can't wait to serve Her again.

“Some boys want to be the Hero...others want to be the Princess"

D. Lovenotte


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